Thursday, May 3, 2007

Are Todays movies getting boring?

Why are the movies that they are making today so boring? Just last week I saw Smoking Aces. The movie was so slow up until towards the end. The first hour was nothing but talking. They advertise these movies as being great movies and then they end up being damn boring. You have these film critics that say how great these movies are and that everyone should go and see them. Then when you actually go see them, they suck.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bank Of America

Bank Of America is the Mafia of all banks! They have made a profit off my wife and I ever since we have joined the bank. Bank of America likes to pick and choose what they think should be paid first. For example, we sent a payment for our car insurance and we went out to eat a week before, but Bank of America decides that they want to pay the restaurant a week later and return the insurance check back. The bank knows exactly when I get paid since I have direct deposit. They also know what the most important thing to pay first is, but do they pay them first? No they don't. I have noticed that they will return payments just so that I will be charged NSF fees and late charges. So now the bank charges me and so does the company that I am paying. Whatever it is I purchase with my debit card stays pending for almost a week and sometimes longer. Sometimes my purchases don't even pend, they just magically appear as a posted transaction a week and a half later when I have completely forgotten about it. I don't see a reason for that at all and if you've ever seen any of their commercials, they pride themselves in showing you your transactions the minute after you've made your purchases but that hasn't been the case for us.
Next I would like to talk about their customer service. My experiences with their customer service at the bank and over the phone has been a nuisance. When I lived in Florida and was moving to another state, I had closed my account, but the bank was still making payments when the account was closed so I was being charged every time. Because of their incompetence, it became difficult for my wife and I to open a bank account anywhere else. As a result of that, we're stuck with them and continue to have all sorts of problems with our accounts.